Portrait Alexander Georgiev
German Version

Portrait of Alexander Georgiev:

since 2011      Working in Shanghai  
since 2009      Fashion - designer for Maxwell - Vienna  
since 2007      Co-organizer and participant of the Designer Path 1070 Vienna
2007      Finalist of the Jones H. C. Award 2007
2006      Winner of the Jones Haute Couture Award 2006
2005      Winner of the Haute Couture price 2005/06
2003      Award - winning of the Vienna Couture price 2003/04
2002      Practice of trade as a lady fashion designer in Vienna
      Further development of made - to - measure work and model outlines
2001      Collaboration with Modus Vivendi
1997      UNIVERSITY degree of graduate engineer
1994      First fashion show in the Palais Wittgenstein, Vienna
1992      Foundation of the company H. A. G for exclusive leather clothes
1991-1996      Studies for landscape architecture
  Parallel free stylist for the production of leatheraccessoirs and clothes
1987-1991      5 - year HTL for interior design
1972      Born in Sofia/Bulgaria